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Opening of the Ly-EtTEM microscope

The opening of the Ly-EtTEM: Lyon Environmental and tomographic Transmission Electron Microscope (first Cs-corrected environmental instrument installed in France) was held on 25 and 26 november, 2013. the official opening ceremony took place at the CNRS campus in Villeurbanne with the participation of representants of all institutions having financially supported the "CPER" project. On Tuesday 26, an International Workshop on environmental TEM (IWETEM) was organised with scientific contributions form international specialists.

CLYM letter number 6

The CLYM letter of February 2010 is now out now. Contents:
- Demonstration of Peak Force Tapping AFM by Veeco company
- News about MATEIS recent seminar
- Forum of scanning probe microscopy will be in Alsace and begins in April
- FIB: some news about installation, training and some illustrations
- Background information on the booking microscopes and participation in drafting the CLYM letter