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Deformation microstructures in chronometric minerals (monazite, zircon) subjected to natural and laser shock loading

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LGL-TPE, Saint-Etienne
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Since their formation, the Earth and the other planets or bodies of the solar system, such as the moon or Mars in particular (see the recent images of the surface of Mars taken by the Perseverance Supercam cameras), have been subjected to a continuous bombardment of solid bodies (asteroids) from space.

When an asteroid meets a mineral: a fantastic dive into matter!

Scientists are trying to date (thanks to the U-Pb method) precisely the moments when asteroids have impacted the Earth. The idea is to link these impacts to possible environmental catastrophes that they would have initiated. To do this, we are looking for clues preserved in the rocks that were shocked during the impact on Earth. These clues are identifiable in the minerals on a very small scale (a few nanometers) and testify to the intense deformations that the material underwent during the impact.

Caractérisation des transformations induites par irradiations laser ultrarapides confinées dans un volume à l'échelle nanométrique

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LGF et LGL-TPE, Saint-Etienne
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Ce post doc s’intègre dans l’ANR DENSE (Dense structures on the nanoscale ; portée par R. STOIAN, LabHC) qui propose une technique innovante pour créer de nouveaux matériaux de haute densité jusqu’à de nouvelles structures cristallines (matériaux durs, minéraux).

Le Petit Prince

Congratulations to Aslihan Sayilan and Louis-Marie Lebas, two PhD students from INSA Lyon! Their image won the best microscopy award in SEMPA 2022 in Nantes and has been published in "The Conversation" journal on the 7th of September, 2022.