Microscope manager

Nicholas Blanchard (ILM)


Presentation of the microscope

This "workhorse" TEM is ideally suited for conventional transmission electron microscopy. E.g. Studying extended defects/dislocations, size and shape of nano-objects (nanoparticles, nanotubes and nanowires) and electron diffraction.


Microscope features

The JEOL 2100 is equipped with a high tilt pole piece with a point-to-point resolution of 0.25 nm at 200 kV. The minimum probe size is ~1 nm. The microscope is equipped with a STEM module and both a bright field and annular dark field detector.

The microscope is aligned at 80, 120 & 200 kV and is equipped with a bottom mount Orius SC1000 CCD camera (Gatan)

Analytical accessories

EDX XMAX 80mm² & Aztec software (OXFORD INSTRUMENTS)

Sample holders

JEOL single tilt holder (X-tilt: +/-42°), JEOL analytical Be double-tilt holder (X-tilt: +/-42°, Y-tilt)


Photograph library

Bright field TEM image of a SiC nanowire


Bright field TEM image of bipyramid Au nanoparticles


Two beam (g = 002) dark field TEM image of a MBE grown layered structure: InP/AlAs/InAlAs/ InGaAs


Bright field TEM image of thin foil prepared by FIB


Two beam (g = 1-10) dark field TEM image of twin defects in a single grain in a boron carbide ceramic