Workshop ELEMI (Environmental Electron Microscopies)

Workshop ELEMI : Environmental Electron Microscopies (during EMC)
Dates: 25th and 26th of August

Environmental scanning and transmission electronic microscopies (ESEM, ETEM) allow to characterize non-conductive samples, as well as delicate samples under vacuum conditions or "pollutant" samples. ESEM and ETEM differ from a conventional SEM or TEM since the sample is not viewed under high vacuum but in a gaseous environment. Thus environmental electron microscopies allow to follow in situ dynamic phenomena for a wide range of materials (metals, polymers, hydrated or biological samples…), such as strain/stress measurements link to microstructural transformation, evolution of objects or surface under high temperature, nano-objects growth under gaseous or liquid environment, chemical reactions...

The workshop will include the theoretical background and the interest of using environmental electron microscopies as well as practical demonstrations sessions on image acquisition under specific environment on SEM ESEM XL30, E-TEM FEI Titan electron microscopes.

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