End of June 2015, Hysitron and Eden companies have installed the first pico-indenter (PI95) on an Environemntal Transmission Electron Microscope, the Ly-EtTEM at CLYM.

Such nano-indentation, or nano-sollicitations TEM holders are becoming more and more used to study mechanical properties (plasticity, failure, stress-induced phase transformations, dislocation events...) of  (nano)materials at a very local scale (one such holder is already available at CLYM on a JEOL 2010F instrument). But so far none has been tested and used in an environmental TEM (i.e. under gas pressure).

This equipment has been developed by Hysitron in collaboration with Eden and public research laboratories at INSA de Lyon (MATEIS), ECL (LTDS) and UCBL (ILM), all CLYM partners. The project was financially supported by the labex  IMust.


Contact : Lucile Joly-Pottuz – lucile.joly-pottuz@insa-lyon.fr- 04 72 43 71 02