WATEM, ANR project 2020-2023


WAter in TEM

Predicting both climate and temperature evolution requires, among other parameters, to quantify properly the contribution of clouds through a better understanding of their formation. Clouds form by condensation of water vapor on particles (aerosols) of varying morphology and chemical composition and with sizes down to a sub-micron level. WATEM will study the early stages of this process in situ in a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Providing the required spatial resolution, the TEM also brings morphological (2D/3D), structural and chemical information. The challenge to control thermodynamic conditions for condensation of liquid droplets from a humid gaseous environment will be taken up in a dedicated Environmental TEM (ETEM) working at a variable partial pressure (< 20 mbar as in ESEM: Environmental Scanning EM).

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